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Hard Times

Hard Times is a collection of videos filmed live with a 360 degree camera and one microphone. 

Episode 1

At the OK Theatre

Release Date: April 3rd, 2020

The performers: Meredith & Darrell Brann, Bart Budwig, Nevada Sowle, Ben Walden

00:00 Late Afternoon, by Nevada Sowle

04:00 Lanny, by Sam Schumacher

07:27 The Other Side, by Meredith Brann

11:43 Hard Times, by August Darnell / Stony / JR. Bowder

Hard Times, Episode 1: At the OK Theatre

Hard Times, Episode 1: At the OK Theatre

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Below are 360 degree video camera versions of each song. Use the YouTube app if you have a phone and it will look like you are standing in the middle of all the musicians as you look around. Fun stuff!

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